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About the Project

Mansika addresses the lack of access to proper menstrual hygiene products in rural areas of Haryana by providing affordable and sustainable menstrual hygiene products to the urban-rural villages of Haryana. Mansika chose reusable cloth pads as the solution, considering the immediate needs of girls and the long-term implications for our environment. By offering pads that can be used for an entire year

Name of the Students : Kabir Mehta and Audrija Bhattacharya

School Name : Delhi Public School, Sector 45, Gurugram

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Impact Created

ManSika has collaborated with Goonj(NGO) presenting the school's collected donations to Goonj and exploring their store, directly supporting the cause. A team of 40 students and teachers, visited the 'Good Earth City Centre' shopping mall in Gurgaon and conducted a flash mob to spread awareness for their project. The distribution of pads was conducted in Rewari at Government Senior Secondary Schools Mastapur and Government Senior Secondary Schools Gokalgarh. They won first prize at the Annual Fest organized by Vedantya Institute, Sohna Road in the Ad-Mad category on the importance of sanitary napkins and the role they play in every girl and woman’s life. Mansika raised a substantial amount of INR 26 Lakh already for the cause, which impacts the lives of 5200 women.

Project at Glance

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